What are VitEssential Health Bars?

Everyone loves to snack on a great tasting bar that's chock full of delicious and natural ingredients - and here at VitEssential Health we're no different. That's why we developed VitEssential Health Bars. VitEssential Health Bars are a new kind of bar. Not only are they full of flavor and ingredients that are good for you, but they are designed to enhance your life while giving you all your Essential Nutrients in one place.


What are essential Nutrients?

The human body needs many types of nutrients in order to survive and maintain its health. But some types of nutrients cannot be manufactured by the body from other foods. These types of nutrients must be consumed directly, or nutrient deficiencies that can have a negative effect may develop. These important nutrients are known as ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS.





There are 15 vitamins the body needs that it cannot simulate on its own.


There are 14 minerals the body needs to ingest for healthy living.


There are currently 10 known amino acids that one must consume in order to maintain good health.


There are 2 fatty acids the body cannot manufacture that must be consumed for healthy living.



How do you get your essential nutrients?

If you're not eating your requirements of essential nutrients in your daily diet, you are not taking in what you need. However, your body will not be able to work to its highest efficiency without them. This is where VitEssential Health Bars come in. VitEssential Health Bars not only taste great, but each bar contains a full complement of our propriety blend of essential nutrients. VitEssential Health Bars make getting the essentials easy. They also offer additional support for your active lifestyle with various natural herbs, vegetables, fruits, and plant sources that are known to have life enhancing properties. 


Our Bars...


Each bar in our lineup is not only a delicious low-calorie snack, but is designed to support a significant aspect of your life, while also giving you all the daily essential nutrients your body requires for optimum health.


with Whey Protein

This bar is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes off all types; especially those who need to consume extra protein in their diet. It's loaded with the highest quality whey protein for building and maintaining muscle mass. It is also loaded with our one-of-kind patented E-Support* formula for a full complement of essential nutrients. The vanilla pudding flavor is guaranteed to please.



with Goji Berries and 12 Herb Focus Formula

Studying for a test or learning a new skill is never easy. You need all the support you can get.  Our Focus bar with Fruits, Nuts, and Goji Berries is just what you need to help you take it in and retain it.  Along with our great tasting natural ingredients, these bars also include our amazing 12 herb focus formula which includes Ginseng, Bacopa, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Schisandra Berry, Yuan Zhi, Ashwaganda, Da Zao, Longan Berries, Cang Zhu, Fu Ling, and Gan Cao.


with Mangosteen for Anti-Inflamation Support

From the exotic Far East comes the delicious taste and amazing properties of the Mangosteen fruit. If you've never had it, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Mangosteen is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with other choice berries, and our propriety E-support formula, this bar is a powerhouse of health and support that can benefit anyone. 


with Ginseng for Quick Energy

Got to get things done? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Try our Power-up Mocha Ginseng Brownie bars for powerful flavors and a lift that people will notice. Ginseng has been known for centuries to be beneficial in many ways. Combined with the natural caffeine from our special mocha blend of fine chocolate and quality coffee beans, as well as other natural ingredients, it's easy to understand why these bars are so popular.

with Ginkgo for Brain Support

As we age we have a tenancy to slow down both mentally and physically. But in the information age we can't afford for that to happen, or we can lose our edge. We need our brains and the ability to think, create, and remember things more than ever. Hence the creation of the VitEssential THINK bar. This bar was developed to contain a delicious blend of natural ingredients that have been proven to support brain power. This bar berries that are known for their antioxidant properties as well as our proprietary blend of Ginkgo, Ginseng, and other quality herbs and plant ingredients that will  satisfy your taste-buds and have you thinking positive thoughts about your future.


Coming Soon: Libido, for adult male and female support.


*E-support is our patented and proprietary formula for delivering a complete daily supply of required essential elements to the body via delicious and helpful healthy natural food bars.